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Dental X-RAYS

Dr. Mike Appel is committed to the benefits of x-rays. At his Akron office, Dr. Appel uses images of your teeth to evaluate your oral health. Digital x-rays are the most advanced form of dental x-rays.

Dental X-RAYS


The cameras use electronic sensors instead of film, meaning the photos do not need to be developed, but rather are instantly available. This means harmful chemicals and waste are kept from affecting the environment. The photographs can be viewed and enlarged for analysis of existing problems and diagnosis of other concerns. In addition, it is a wholly safe method of care. In comparison with traditional x-ray methods, radiation is reduced digitally by 80-90 percent. Dr. Appel does provide apron shields for full and complete protection.

Digital x-rays have the ability to uncover a range of troubles, including abscesses, cysts, bone loss, tumors and decay between the teeth. They can also look a little deeper, revealing developmental abnormalities and problems inside a tooth or below the gum line.

The frequency of digital x-rays is unique to the individual patient, though it is usually based on a patient’s age, current oral health, symptoms of oral disease and history of gum disease. We typically perform a full series of digital x-rays for new patients and then repeat the process every three to five years.

Bite-wing x-rays (side views of the teeth meeting as the mouth closes) are conducted once or twice a year. Our office is very excited about the arrival of our new Planmeca Promax digital Pan/Bitewing machine. We are now able to provide even higher levels of comfortability to our patients. This machine provides a significant reduction in radiation and dramatic improvement in diagnostic ability. Digital x-rays save our patients money, time, discomfort and even teeth.

Our office also has the capability for panoramic x-rays. These x-rays provide a wraparound image of a patient’s face and teeth. The mechanism taking photos rotates around the head, from ear to ear. Dr. Appel’s staff utilizes this technology when looking for impacted wisdom teeth, fractures, gum disease, bone loss and discomfort caused by the sinus and nasal systems. Panoramic x-rays do not claim a detailed view of each individual tooth, but rather a big picture view of the patient’s oral health.

Panoramic x-rays do not occur on a normalized schedule. They are completed on an as needed basis and when patients are in too much pain for a bitewing digital x-ray. The value of these x-rays lies in the planning of future treatment, such as planning for the feasibility of full or partial dentures, braces and implants.

Dental radiographs for children are a necessary piece to the comprehensive pediatric dental plan. X-rays can provide insight into childhood cavities, misalignment, bone diseases and possible orthodontic work. X-rays can help the dentist determine if baby teeth need to be pulled to prevent complications, such as adult teeth growing in behind baby teeth. It would be difficult to find these conditions during typical clinical examinations, but x-rays allow for early identification and immediate treatment. The tiny amount of radiation emitted by our x-ray equipment is approved for children by the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry. As a family practice, we are certain our young patients will be safe.

Children may need to have dental x-rays more often than adults because dentists need to monitor the growth of their adult teeth. Children are recommended to x-ray every one to two years on average for general review and to monitor growth for potential space issues. Those at higher risk and those who are orthodontic candidates may see biannual x-rays to continually check for changes. Finally, x-rays are used in the case of trauma or injury to the mouth. X-rays allow for the quickest call to action.

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