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Dr. Appel is proud to offer a top of the line dentistry practice to residents in the Akron, Ohio area. Located on White Pond Dr. just off of I-77, we take pride in meeting the needs of all patients, regardless of age, oral history or needs.

We rely on a team first approach, taking information from Dr. Appel, his staff and the patient. We want to include your concerns when assessing treatment options. Together, we can create individualized plans of action to ensure the most appropriate dental care. Based in education, communication and compassion, Dr. Appel is driven to create a comfortable and successful patient experience every single time.

Dr. Appel is a proud member of the Pankey Institute. The Pankey Institute is a training program for dentists, working to provide accessible and high quality oral treatment to all patients. Members of the Pankey Institute understand the implications of oral care on overall health and believe dentistry should be comprehensive, personalized and systematic. Dr. Appel implements this core set of beliefs into his own practice, leading to an outstanding reputation within the community, as he strives for an enhanced level of compassion with each patient.

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