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Dental Exams

Akron’s Dr. Mike Appel wants you to boast your best smile! He believes the best starting place is to initiate a preventative program with his patients, beginning with biannual exams.

Dental Exams


Combining the efforts of Dr. Appel, his staff and the patient, regular exams aim to maintain natural oral structure, while also discouraging the development, progress, and recurrence of dental diseases.

To begin, Dr. Appel recommends a balanced diet and an daily dental routine at home. Dr. Appel then continues these efforts at the office by scheduling and performing routine dental cleanings. In addition, he will incorporate a variety of preventative measures and comprehensive tests, with the goal of dodging unforeseen conditions down the road.

Our practice prides itself on providing a wide range of dental services to you. We can typically provide every type of dental service without having to refer you to other specialists. This flexibility saves you time and allows us to keep all your records in one location. Our emphasis is in total care. We want our patients to achieve their dream smile by maintaining optimum oral health through top of the line techniques and technologies.

Commitment to regularly scheduled dental exams, along with at home care, is key to that million dollar smile. Taking these steps today will save you money in dental work for years to come.

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